acupunctureThe aim of all of our treatments is to make you feel great and reach your goals. Weather your goal is to be free from pain or to improve flexibility, we’re here to help every step of the way.

You’re goals and ambitions are important to us, because of this we value your input throughout the treatment process, and constantly adapt to meet your specific requirements.

The treatment techniques we use depend on the individual. Bellow is a list of the some of the techniques used.

Massage Techniques

Soft tissue massage is often used to improve circulation and reduce pain to an area. It is also effective in easing tight muscles that may be responsible for restriction or pain.


Mobilisation techniques are used to increase or restore range of motion to restricted joints. This can have positive effects by improving musculo-skeletal function and improving fluid flow in and out of the specific joint (almost like lubricating a stiff joint).

Strapping and Taping


Strapping and taping techniques are used to restrict or immobilise a joint. Sometimes following an acute injury rest and immobilisation can benefit the area by preventing re-irritation and allowing the bodys healing process to take place.

Taping can be a great way to restrict or immobilise an area whilst allowing the person to still carry out daily tasks.


High Velocity Thrust Techniques (HVT or Manipulation)

HVT techniques are advanced, powerful mobilisation techniques for specifically mobilising restricted joints. Often associated with and audible clicking noise as the thrust is put through the joint. The techniques effects include improved range of motion and decreased pain. HVT techniques can also have an effect of neurological feedback mechanisms, causing local muscle relaxation and pain inhibition.

By Sophie Morris


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