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Sophie MorrisSophie Morris

I have always had an interest in health care and how the human body works. Before training as an Osteopath I completed a degree in Human Biology. This gave me an excellent understanding of the human body. However this did not fulfill my desire to work with people within a primary care role. I decided to train as an Osteopath as I wanted to work with and help people. It appealed to me because of its hands on approach in optimising healing of the body without the need for surgical or pharmaceutical intervention. My training also included a diploma in Naturopathy which looks at natural healing and optimising health through life style factors. I very much enjoy practicing as an Osteopath and making a difference to people, and reflect this with my commitment towards them.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, painting, sculpting and playing netball. I see leisure time as an important part of my own life as well as those of the people I treat and vital in maintaining good health.

By Sophie Morris


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