Treatment Overview

case-historyConsultation (First Visit)

What to Expect

All first visits involve taking a detailed case history, a physical examination, diagnosis and treatment. The whole session usually takes 30-45 minutes.

Case History

The case history involves; details of the presenting problem, previous medical history, some health screening and an understanding of your occupational and social demands.

The purpose of the case history is to form a detailed understanding of the problem and life style factors so that a treatment plan can be formed specific to your needs.

Physical Examination

The physical examination involves observation of the problem, hands on palpation (how it feels) to get a good idea of what structures are causing the pain or restriction and how they may be affecting the presenting problem or effecting elsewhere in the body as the body compensates.

The information attained from the case history and physical examination is used to form a diagnosis and a treatment plan.


Treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the complaint, the person and many other factors. Treatments generally involve, decreasing restriction, pain and increasing vitality to the area of dysfunction. Treatment techniques include; soft tissue techniques, mobilization techniques, manipulation, acupuncture, taping, and cranial techniques (if a patient expresses interest in cranial osteopathy).

Please note: It is often required to ask you to dress down or expose areas of your body for examination and treatment. If you have any specific concerns with this please call to discuss your concerns.


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